The Advisor
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Christan loved children. He smiled as he neared the playground, the noise called him like church bells. He devoted himself to kids; he committed himself to their education, their emotional well being, and their potential.

“See Willy there? Yeah, tall one in the red shirt. He’s a natural, not a sport he can’t master. He’s sharp too, I bet he’ll be quarterback one day,” Christan whispered to his partner.

“He looks fast,” Stuart said.

“It’s more than that, watch. It’s like he knows where everyone will go. He has a feel,” Christan explained. “He’s tough too, not afraid to lower his head. Add a little more height and a few more pounds and he’d be quite a football player. Too bad the high school coaches are too busy to watch some of these sandlot games. But then, if they were able to watch, I wouldn’t be able to do my job. Hey, look over there, at the end of the field, the one with the book?”

“The skinny one? Yeah, so?”

“That’s Allan, he reads a lot.(and) Believe it or not, he’s Willy’s best friend. Willy’s fast and knows football, but Allan’s a leader. It’s not just Willy, the others follow him, the girls too. There, see her? The blonde girl walking up to Allan?”

“Yes, the short one?”

“That’s her, that’s Sandra. She’s smart too, but a little shy, but with a little confidence she will come out of that,” Christan said, almost proudly. “She could be a cheerleader, debate team captain, who knows, president of the Future Teachers of America. She just needs a little guidance, one way or the other.”

“It’s amazing what you see in these kids, how you can see them, the potential. You see them as more than just a bunch of kids.”

“Well, it’s pretty much my job, I’m here for a reason, I figure. I get to them early, get into their heads and see what they are about. You see, for most, their parents get too caught up in making money, climbing the ladder, having affairs and they just don’t take the time to really see what’s here. Teachers and coaches fill in some, but they get so busy in getting the test scores up, or winning the big games, they completely miss the point. The kids, that’s what’s important. Excuse me a moment…”

Christan walks across the street and shakes hands with a teenager in a letter jacket. He hands him a bag that looks like a sack lunch. The teenager looks up and down the street and then opens the bag. He pulls out one of the many small bags with powder in it and looks it over. He quickly replaces the bag and wanders off. Christan pockets some bills and smiles.

He casually crosses the steet with his hands in his pociket and continues the conversation, “You see Stuart, given the correct direction, kids develop into such wonderful customers.”

Spotting a young girl in a short plaid skirt Christan waves and shouts, “Marie, hi.” He smiles as she heads over, “You’ll need to excuse me for a bit Stuart, it’s Marie’s eighteenth birthday and I promised her something. Why don’t you step in and grab a cup of coffee? I’ll only be a few minutes.”

“Christan, hi. Well, here I am.”

Christan puts his arm around her and leads her to his car, opening the back door and letting Marie climb inside. Following her into the back seat he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small velvet covered case.

Marie reaches, but Christan stops her, “Ah, not so fast Marie, this is only part of my present. It looks like you’ve dressed like I asked. Have you done everything?”

Marie smiles, lifting her skirt exposing the beautiful, tender young slit peeking out beneath the dark black patch of hair. Wiggling her hips she says, “Just like you said, and as of today it’s perfectly legal.”

He smiles, dipping his finger in his mouth, wetting it and then gently slipping it between her youthful lips. She sits up straight as he slowly presses his finger in deeper, feeling the constricting band across the top of her opening.

“And you’ve waited for me, I like that.

“I wanted to learn from you,” she responded.

“Okay, now first we’ll do something that feels good for you, a bit later we’ll do more,” he whispers, leaning forward. Settling between her legs, he breathes deeply, taking in her pure, untouched scent. He feels his cock harden at the thought of parting these lips for the first time. “Now, just lean back and enjoy,” he instructs her.

Ever so slowly, he dips his tongue into her opening, feeling her jump a bit at his first touch. He presses his tongue deeper, tasting her honeydew. Moving his tongue in a circular motion inside her he presses a bit against the tight band of skin partially blocking her. Then he backs his tongue out and moves upward.

Marie is breathing hard, excited about the situation, at the thought of this man between her legs, making her feel the way he is, at the thought of Christan caring enough to teach her. Feeling his tongue on her clit, she spreads her legs wider, lifting her hips, raising her pussy to him.

Finding her clit Christan rests his upper lip against it and lightly pinches it with his tongue. Feeling her move he continues as he gently slides his finger inside her again, pressing deeply, trying to gently open her a bit more. Withdrawing his finger, he moves his tongue over it, enjoying her taste again before returning to her clit.

He feels his cock throbbing, so he intensifies his tonguing of her clit and feels her shudder. With a loud moan, she lifts her hips and presses herself against his face. She lifts… with a loud moan, his finger burrowing deep into her virgin cunt, feelng her inner pulsations as she comes for her teacher.

She eases back onto the car seat as the pulsations begin to subside and he slips his finger out of her. Christan unzips his pants and noticing her eyes focused on his movements, the slowly pulls his hard cock out of his pants. Enjoying her fascination, he asks, “Haven’t you seen one before?”

“My boyfriend’s, but it was nothing like that.”

“What did you do with him?”

“I touched it while he jacked off. He showed me how to stroke it.”

“Did he come?”

“Yes,” she smiled shyly.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Look, I don’t want you to get pregnant, so I’m gonna pull it out. If you do anything with your boyfriend after this make him wear a rubber. You understand?”

She nods.

“Now, lie back a little and relax,” Christan says, slipping his finger back into her. “Okay, you’re still wet enough. This is going to hurt some, but it should get better as we go along. You’ve got me so turned on it shouldn’t take long.”

She smiles proudly at the thought of turning Christan on so. “Okay,” she whispers, leaning back and spreading her legs.

He pauses, looking at her pussy, opening like this for the first time. He leans forward and gently begins working the head of his cock into her. He moves it some, just dipping and withdrawing, picking up some moisture from her. He then leans a bit harder, feeling the constriction blocking him for a moment. With a slow, forceful thrust he feels her opening stretch and then suddenly release as she gasps and whimpers a bit.

Christan stops, leaving his cock inside her waiting for her breathing to calm, “Are you okay now?”

“It burns a bit,” she whines.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle and quick.”

She smiles and nods.

He begins moving his hips again, sliding slowly out of her and then gently thrusting. He continues for just a moment when he feels it build inside him. Moving faster, he suddenly presses hard and fast and then quickly withdraws, shooting his warm cum into her black, curly hair and on her wet pussy lips. Holding the base of his cock, he slides it over her, smearing his white, sticky liquid over her.

Curling her back she looks down at his shrinking cock and the glistening cum he’s spreading on her. She sighs, feeling a relief from the pain.

Reaching his hand to her head, he gently holds it, “Now, was that so bad?”

“Well it hurt a lot at first, and then at the end, but it was okay.”

“Are you okay now?”

“Yes, it just burns a bit.”

Christan pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, dabbed the head of his cock and then used it to clean her up a bit. Reaching in a pocket in the back of one of the seats, he pulls out a box and hands it to her.

Opening the box, Marie finds some panties and a panty shield. Looking at him strangely, she asks, “What is this for?”

“You may bleed a bit, you’ll need some panties and to keep from staining them you have this,” he says, lifting the panty shield.

Easing his cock back into his pants, Christan watched her put the panty shield in the panties and then slip them on. He reaches and grabs the small box, slowly opening it for her.

She gasps as she sees a large, sparkling diamond on a delicate silver chain. A tear forms and then tumbles down her cheek.

“Happy birthday Marie, you made me proud of you,” Christan whispered, taking the chain and fastening it behind her neck.

Crying now, she leans forward and kisses Christan hard on the lips. “Thank you, thank you for everything.”

He just smiles as he climbs out of his car. Holding the door for her, he watches her clumsily climb out. “I’ll see you later Marie,” he says, kissing her on the cheek.

Marie runs off, showing her diamond off to her friends on the way.

“Hey Stuart, hope I didn’t keep you too long.”

“Was that a diamond you gave her?”

“Yes, I wanted to do something nice for her, something to encourage her.”

“A generous gift,” Stuart says.

“Oh it will pay off in the long run. A little more training and she’ll be ready, besides, it’s a CZ,” Christan replies.

“Always the businessman.”

“And kids are such a good business,” Christan says with a sly smile.