Like Mother, Like Daughter

I met Noreen at a party. A business party in a hotel. I don’t remember now, I think she worked for one of the customers of the company throwing the party. What I do remember is, she was the prettiest girl I’d ever managed to engage in a continuing conversation. Not pretty, beautiful. With a killer body. Also smart, funny. And she went home with me. She was a strawberry blond, sort of a light red head. With, as I learned, very little pubic hair around the prettiest, tastiest, pink pussy ever.

As I also learned, she was the horniest girl I’d ever been with. That night, for the first time in my life, I had a third orgasm. Two had happened often. Well, often for me. I was a 25 year old bachelor and she must have been around the same age, maybe a year or two younger. I hadn’t been with that many girls but enough to know Noreen was something special. I also learned that the erection after the second orgasm really lasts. We fucked almost all night. Well, not quite all night because we slept at some point. I know because I woke up to her sucking on my hard-again cock. So I maneuvered around and got her sitting on my face so I could eat her again, too.

Which led to a day of sex. A lot of sex. I did my best to keep up but she was clearly ready for more than I could supply. I must have done pretty good though because she basically never left. We lived together for almost fourteen years. Terrific years. Lots and lots of sex. But also lots and lots of fun and enjoying each other. She wouldn’t marry me. I didn’t know for sure but suspected she might already be married. Or maybe she just had a bad married experience. She never said. But she did make it plain that she was with me because I came the closest to satisfying her sexual needs of anyone she’d experienced. However many that might have been, I never knew. And truthfully, when you have the most beautiful, sexiest girl ever, why look into anything that might screw things up?

She never told me what was wrong. I could see she started to lose energy. Then she really got sick, went to bed and two weeks later was dead. Uterine cancer. I grieved. I grieved like a husband would. Losing her was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I never got over it, still haven’t. But gradually I started to live with it, handle it. It took about a year. I had started spending more time at the gym and I then started to recognize that some of the women around were attractive, sexy. Sex entered my mind again. But before I acted on it, something much more important happened.

One Saturday morning I answered the door and Noreen was standing there. Not actually Noreen of course. Younger and slightly different. But beautiful and with a killer body like, as it turns out, her mother. Same pink and white coloring. Deirdre was seventeen. Her Mom and Dad broke up not long after she was born. Her Dad raised her. Knowing Noreen, I assume he caught her cheating on him. And, knowing Noreen to be a caring person, I assume she felt it was better for her baby to be raised by her father than by her. Noreen had a lot more sex in her life than she ever admitted to me, I suspect. What that might have been, I’d just as soon not know.

Anyway, here’s Deirdre. A truly gorgeous girl. Her Dad was going to prison. Apparently he had a high flying business of some sort and siphoned off millions and millions of other people’s money and finally got caught. I didn’t know it then but he actually set up a safe and secure account for Deirdre that was worth several million. Right then, I don’t think she knew so either. Since he was going away for some years and had no family — no parents, siblings — he apparently decided Deirdre should go to her mother. He must have run some checks some time in the past and determined where and how Noreen was living. Because here’s Deirdre.

I had to tell her that her mother was dead. I knew nothing about Noreen, whether she had a family anywhere or not. So I let Deirdre know that I had a spare bedroom and she could stay there as long as she needed until this all got sorted out. I also asked some questions and realized that I needed to get her enrolled in school. She had been going to an exclusive, conservative private school. It left her a little behind socially compared to kids I’d seen around where I lived. I mean, as gorgeous as she is, she’s led an extremely sheltered life. Very polite, a very nice person, but naive and trusting. Too trusting. With any street smarts, she wouldn’t have agreed to live with a 41 year old horny bachelor.

To get her in to the local public school, I learned I needed a birth certificate, transcripts of her courses and grades from her previous school. I had a friend at Juvenile Court so I talked to him to find out how I should do this. It turns out that the sensible thing was to become her legal guardian. That was an experience but I passed. Through the courts, I became her legal guardian and got her enrolled as a senior at the local high school.

Things went well, it was actually good to have someone else around. She’s a very nice girl. She helped in the kitchen at every meal until eventually I was actually helping her. We watched some TV together. I helped her with her homework and her computer when I could. She asked about her mother and I always gave positive information. I had loved Noreen. But then I started having a problem. This is a beautiful extremely well built girl. The kind you might conjure up in a wet dream.

Occasionally, perhaps once a week or so, I’d be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe it’s actually the right place at the right time. She’d leave the bathroom completely naked and walk about a dozen steps to her room. If she saw me, she’d smile or say “It’s all yours, I’m done.” She was comfortable being naked in front of me but I wasn’t comfortable. She has gorgeous breasts. Not double D’s or anything like that, perhaps C’s, I don’t know. But full and firm and standing up and all up front. She has almost no waist, I can’t imagine how all of her guts fit in there. Lovely butt, firm, sitting up high. She’s not tall, perhaps 5’6″ or so, but seems to be half legs. Long, slim legs whose thighs taper back closer to the bone at the top. Just like her mother. I always figured her thighs were designed so my face would fit in there. Same little blond patch of pubic hair. Perfect body all clean and pink and desirable. It drove me nuts.

Watching TV, she’d wear a short nighty of some sort, sit on the couch and pull her legs up, knees high, put her arms around them and sort of hug herself, which left her bare bottom out there. I’d look at her lovely pink pussy and could hardly hold back from moving over to her and giving it a good licking. Her mother used to love that, as I did, and I bet Deirdre would, too.

Over and over, many times, bits and pieces of her body would show and it always made me horny and feeling guilty. I’m her guardian, I shouldn’t let myself feel that way.

Then more problems began.

“Dave,” she said to me one evening over dinner, “The girl’s I’ve met at school all have boy friends and from what they say, they’re all having sex with the boys. I’m not. What should I do? I mean, I like the girls. They’re nice, treat me fine. I’m doing o.k. at school. Some of the boys are weird, they stare at my chest instead of my face when we talk.”

O.k., I thought, here goes. “Deirdre,” I said, trying to be careful how I worded things, “You’re a truly gorgeous girl. You’re very pretty. You have a perfect female body. Any male that is alive and breathing is attracted to you. People are human. Men and women are human. They have a lot of similarities. But they have some differences, as I hope you already know.

“God, or nature — that makes me wonder, do you have a religion? Should you be going to church somewhere? (she shakes her head no) – – made the differences. The whole idea is to guarantee the existence of the species. To make sure babies are born. So men tend to like women and women tend to like men and once they’re old enough, that means they desire to procreate. You must know about this, the birds and the bees stuff? (again, she shakes her head).

“Are you sure? Someone must have taught you something. I mean, you have periods, I know, so you must have some idea of why (I think she’s lying but she shakes her head no. Why should she lie?).

“O.k., well, down between your legs, you have your sex organs. It’s an oversimplification but you have an opening. Men have sex organs that are sort of like cylinders or pegs and they fit in the openings of women’s sex organs. And for whatever reasons, nature makes it very enjoyable to both parties when this happens. So men go around being aggressors and trying to fit into as many women as possible, and women, who have to raise the babies, tend to be very careful who they agree to have sex with. Your monthly periods are the resdult of ovulation, your creating eggs that could become babies.

“Does any of this make sense?”

She grinned at me, “Yeah, that’s not bad at all. Actually I knew that. That is, I knew the basics. It’s the complications that I don’t know how to handle. How the man and woman decide who it is they like and exactly what do they do. I mean, I’ve never done that, never had a man inside me. If a man wanted to do that with me, how do I react? Do I just let him, just spread my legs so he can get his penis in me? I don’t think so. There’s more involved., There’s got to be. How about you? Have you done this?”

“Oh.” (pause) ” Well, yes I have. Definitely, Yes.”

“With more than one girl?”

“Well, yeah. A long time ago, when I was trying to figure out what I wanted and I guess the girls were doing the same, I did it with a few different girls. Then I met your Mom and after that it was just her and me, no others. I think you’re much better off finding the right person right away and not experimenting with several. But obviously, that doesn’t always happen. But once we got together we knew it had happened.”

“So it’s o.k. for me to try it with several boys and see how it goes?”

“Oh. Well, no, I don’t think so. For one, we need to get you on birth control pills right away. If you’re starting to think of this, we need to make sure you’re safe. We don’t want you to get pregnant from guys that you’re not serious about.”

“Like my Mom was with my Dad?”

“I don’t know the answer. Maybe your Dad does. But I’m fairly sure that your Mom and Dad got married before she had you. I think that’s what Noreen would have done.”

“Well, why didn’t they stay married?”

“I don’t know that answer either. Maybe your Dad would. Sometimes people mean well but things just don’t go the way they hoped. I don’t even know why your Dad raised you instead of your Mom but I know that if Noreen accepted that she must have had a good reason. She was a terrific person. But there’s also disease. Having multiple partners, actually only one if it’s the wrong one, means you might catch a very bad disease, some of which can’t really be cured. Having sex with someone is also having sex with everyone that person has had sex with in the past, that is, from a disease standpoint.”

That got us through a few more days. But the questions got tougher and I was the one that had to handle them, for better or worse.

“A boy at school asked me to go to the movies with him. Is that o.k?” she asks me a few days later.

“Well, yeah. Do you know him? Like him? Do you want to go out with him?”

“Yeah, he seems like he’s o.k. and he’s very good looking. Having him ask me instead of someone else makes me feel good about it.”

“Do you know if he’s dated others?”

“Yeah. He has. He’s dated a lot. A lot of girls want him to date them.”

“Have him pick you up here so I can meet him. And remember, you don’t let him do anything you don’t want him to do. Taking you to a movie doesn’t mean you owe him anything .”

“You mean like having sex with him.”

“Yes, I guess I do. People should treat other people nice. Guys have no right to expect a girl to do something for him that he won’t do for her or that she owes him something just because he spent a few dollars on her. It’s your body, you’re in charge of it. Things should go the way you want, not the way some one else wants. But it will probably never come up. He’s probably a nice guy who just wants to get to know you better.”

I did meet the boy. He seemed to me to be normal and I could see why Deirdre would want to date him, he was actually good looking. He was polite, not an obnoxious kid that seemed likely to expect anything out of the ordinary. So they went on the date. She came home in tears, earlier than she expected.

It took a little to get it out of her but apparently after the movie he found a quiet place and parked his car and turned to her to start making out. None of that surprised me. But he commented that she didn’t know how to kiss. She said it was her first date with a boy. He said something to the effect that must mean she isn’t going to suck his cock or fuck him and took her home and dumped her off. As she calmed slightly and I held her trying to soothe her, she asked me to teach her how to kiss. There must be some technique to it that she doesn’t know.

“I’m not sure I should do that. I’m your guardian, a lot older than you. Some girl friend must be able to teach you.”

She was sure that would be way too embarrassing, that the boy would probably spread it all over school that she had no experience and she needed to get some right away. I was her only hope. Besides, she claimed that I had lots of sex experience and must know all about it. So I’m qualified to teach her.

So I figured I might as well. We’re standing in the living room, my arms around her. She’s a good six inches shorter than me, which her mother was, also. I kiss her forehead.

“That’s a friendly kiss, a paternal kiss. My lips are fairly firm and I just peck at you on your cheek or forehead. A kiss with a boyfriend is more passionate. Your lips aren’t totally soft and relaxed, you’ve still got to have some firmness behind them, but much softer than the paternal or friendly kiss. And the romance kiss is on the lips. At least it starts on the lips but can move off and around eventually, showing a higher level of passion. Here, let me kiss you and you feel how my lips feel and you try to adjust your lips to that same firmness.”

I lean down and kiss her on the lips. Her lips are shut with no feeling, not all that cold but not interested.

“A romantic kiss usually means you’re interested. I realize you’re not interested in me but try and pretend. You’re not entering into the kiss at all, just letting me kiss you.”

I lean down and kiss her again. A lot better. She seems to actually kiss back a little. I still have my arm around her.

“How was that?” I asked.

“Interesting,” she says. “I feel better about it. But lets try again.”

So I do. This is a beautiful, sexy girl. I have no problem kissing her. This time she kisses back and her hand comes around me and we’re pressing against one another in a pretty good kiss. Her lips are actually moving a little, reacting to mine.

I break the kiss, still holding her and her holding me. “How was that?”

“I liked that. I felt something with that.”

“So did I, you gave me a very good kiss.”

“Let’s do it again,” she says.

I lean my head down again and kiss her. I can’t help myself, my hand runs up and down her back. She’s really kissing back. Her hand moves on my back, slides up behind my head and holds me to her as she kisses me, long and hard. I’m embarrassed, I can feel an erection building. I pull back and break the kiss.

“Wow,” she says, “I felt that. I mean down inside me somewhere, something’s stirring. I guess you felt it, too, because I could feel that you’ve got something stirring, too.”

I let go of her and backed off. “I’m sorry, it’s just a natural reaction. I think that’s enough, you’ve learned plenty.”

“I think a couple more lessons would help,” she says, giving me a dirty grin.

“I don’t think so. I’m sorry you had a bad experience but I think it’s time for us to move on now. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it. I don’t think society has changed that much since I was your age, I doubt if anyone really feels a girl should ‘put out’ on a first date. Just tell your girl friends that he tried too much and you rejected him rather than telling them he rejected you.”

And that ended that for the moment. I think it was two evenings later, after dinner, when she says to me, “Dave, you’ve told me about my Mom before. But how did you meet her?”

“I met her at a party. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever been actually talking to and liked her right off. She came home with me.”

“The night you met her she came home with you? Went to bed with you?”

“Well, yes. But it’s not as bad as you’re making it. We really hit it off, I don’t think she usually did that. I know I sure didn’t usually do that.”

“So you had sex right away?”

“Uh, yes, I guess that’s true.”

“Wow, my Mom was like that. But then what?”

“Well, she pretty much just stayed. We were together for almost fourteen years.”

‘She must have liked what you did with her to stay, didn’t she?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so. This is all sort of awkward. Your Mom was very sexually oriented, very interested in having a lot of sex.”

“So she must have had some experience and thought you were pretty good.”

“I don’t know. Obviously she had some experience, I mean you exist, don’t you? I don’t know how much and never tried to find out. I was much too happy to have her around to try and do anything that might jeopardize our arrangement. I think she was happy with my stamina, my lasting power, I’m not sure about anything else.”

“So she wanted a lot of sex and you were able to supply it. She must have also liked the quality as well as the quantity, don’t you think?”

“I think this is very awkward and we should drop the subject. I loved your Mom and thought highly of her. It wasn’t just sex. I don’t want you to think anything bad about her.”

“But at first it must have been just sex, for both of you. I mean you didn’t know each other at all other than that.”

“Let’s just drop it. You must have some homework to finish and I need to do a report that’s due tomorrow.”

That did end it for the evening but not for long. A few days later she again brought sex up right after dinner. “I borrowed a porn DVD from a girl at school; and brought it home and watched it. Actually watched it a lot. I think about sex a lot, almost all the time. I’m going to have to actually experience it pretty soon or I’ll wear my fingers and clit out all on my own. I think it would be best if my first time was really, really good. Something special. You’re obviously very good at it so I think it ought to be with you.”

“Deirdre, we can’t. I’m too old. I’m your legal guardian. You’re too young, it would be breaking the law. We can’t.”

“I know you want to. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I felt your erection when we kissed. And I know you’d be the best possible. I like you and you like me. You’re really good looking with a great body. Besides, my Mom had lots of experience and picked you as the best. And I really, really want to. Need to. If you don’t I’ll find someone and I bet I’d be much better off with you than anyone else I’ll dig up. But I guess it’s true that I’m under age. Hey, I’ll be eighteen in two weeks and then it would be legal. Consensual sex is legal then, right?”

“Technically yes. But I’m your legal guardian, supposed to look out for your welfare.”

“Well, the way I feel, having great sex would be the best possible thing for my welfare, you’d just be performing your job.” And she looked at me with a big grin.

This is all wrong. I know that it’s wrong but I’m not sure that I can even convince myself of that. Because she’s right. I’ve been looking at her great body and thinking evil thoughts for quite a while. “Well, you’re not eighteen yet,” was the only thing I could think to say. She looked at me and licked her lips, grinned, turned and went to her room.