The Cherry Poppers Ch. 11

Jason went into the kitchen of the frat, ate some quick breakfast, and then returned to the room with coffees and Danish for Pam and Stephanie. Both were getting dressed when he entered. Chad was still lying in bed but talking to the two women as they dressed.

“Here’s some coffee and something to eat if you want,” Jason said, handing the drinks and Danish to the two women.

“Thanks,” they both said.

“Hey, where’s mine, bro?” Chad kidded.

“Get your own, weasel,” Jason said jokingly.

“Weasel? What’s the matter, you can’t share?” Chad said, nodding to Stephanie with a laugh.

“Don’t blame him, Jason. I woke him up. The floor was beginning to feel hard,” Stef explained.

“Oh, so all I was is a bed to you?” Chad exclaimed acting hurt.

“That and turnaround is fair play,” Stef mused.

They kidded around until the girls left. Jason went to studying right away while Chad showered. He studied for several hours but then broke for lunch. He watched a little sports in the main lounge with some of the brothers after lunch for a few hours to relax and get his mind off things. He read a little more before showering and shaving for his date with Beth. He had planned an early dinner with her to give himself plenty of time.

Jason picked Beth up at six. She opened the door to her room when he knocked and he immediately was struck by one big difference. Instead of her hair in the usual ponytail, her long red tresses were curled and hanging down. She looked phenomenal. She was dressed in a cute sundress with clog type sandals.

“God, you look gorgeous,” Jason said.

“Oh, thanks,” Beth replied smiling. “You look handsome too.”

“I love your hair,” Jason commented.

“Thanks. I thought I’d show you a different look today,” Beth responded.

“I’m glad you did,” Jason declared. “Hi, Haden.”

“Hi, Jason,” Haden said from her desk where she sat studying.

He almost hadn’t noticed her sitting there he was so enthralled with Beth. He asked what she was studying, searching for something innocent to say. Truth was he wanted to look at her a second longer without staring. She was a pretty brunette with awesome blue eyes and he concentrated on her looks and almost missed her reply of statistics.

“Sounds dry,” Jason pronounced.

“It is,” Haden said, with a cute dimpled smile.

She was definitely cute but he turned back to Beth, “Ready to go?”

“You bet,” Beth replied. “See ya, Haden.”

“Have fun, you two,” Haden offered.

They left Smith Hall and walked to the parking lot and Jason’s car. He held her door for her and then hurried around to start it up. Seconds later they were on the campus main road and exiting onto the street.

“Where are we going?” Beth asked.

“I took you for steaks the last time. This time we’re doing seafood, if that’s okay with you?” Jason added.

“Sure, I love seafood,” Beth said.

It was a twenty minute drive to the restaurant and they talked about swimming on the way. Practices were hard for Beth but the double sessions on the weekends were going to be over soon. She was thankful for that because she had to take a little nap that afternoon so she wouldn’t be too tired for their date.

They got to the restaurant and the maitre’ de showed Jason to a special table he had reserved. It was in the bay window on the back of the converted house that overlooked a small pond. Canadian Geese were swimming in the pond and eating grass on the sides as they took their seats. It was growing dark and the floods from the back of the building illuminated the pond.

“Nice spot,” Beth commented.

“Yeah, I ate here once before and was jealous of the couple that had this table.”

“You must have reserved early to get this?” Beth questioned.

“I did at that, but nothing but the best for you, Beth,” Jason said with a smile.

“I think someone’s trying to get lucky tonight,” Beth whispered with a giggle.

“Why, Madame, I beg your pardon,” Jason mused.

“Yeah, you’ll be begging alright,” Beth stated back but with a laugh.

“Well, I’m not opposed to get on my knees to beg to a pretty woman,” Jason confessed merrily.

“After what you did to me the last time from your knees,” Beth whispered joyfully, “You might not have to beg much.”

They laughed but cut it short when the waiter arrived for their drink orders. Jason would have loved to order wine but between age problems and driving they picked iced teas. The meal was wonderful and the company better. Beth had Dover Sole and Jason the fried seafood platter. Not exactly dietary she kidded him but he worked out enough not to worry. Jason found Beth very easy to talk with and the conversation just rolled along all through dinner.

After a wonderful Terra Meuse, Jason paid the bill and they left. He started heading back towards campus but it was only eighty thirty. Beth looked at him questioningly.

“Don’t worry; I’m not taking you home already, pretty lady.”

“Where to then?” Beth kidded. “To the airport again?”

He got the reference to their last date and the backseat activities of the previous time and laughed along with her.

“No, to a hotel,” Jason explained.

Beth looked at him a little unsure and nervously, “What do you mean?”

“To the bar at the hotel,” Jason added. “One of the brother’s bartends there. We can have a drink or two.”

“Oh, really,” Beth said, now smiling with him.

Jason pulled into the same hotel where he had fucked Ariel several times and they went into the lounge area. It was a sports bar with a mixed crowd of young people like them, older couples, and business people. They took an open table off to one corner. Jason looked to the bar and his friend was giving him the thumbs up. Jason wasn’t sure if he was saying hi or commenting on the gorgeous redhead he was with but it didn’t matter. Paul walked out from behind the bar to greet them.

“Hey, Jason,” Paul said approaching the table.

“Hi, Paul. This is Beth, Paul,” Jason introduced them.

“Nice to meet you, Beth,” Paul said smiling.

“Hi, Paul,” Beth replied with a warm smile back.

“Place is pretty hopping tonight,” Jason continued.

“Aah, this is pretty normal for a Saturday night,” Paul claimed. “What can I get you?”

“You still remember how to make those awesome green apple martinis you made for me once?” Jason asked.

“No problem,” Paul said.

“Would you like to try one of those, Beth? They are great,” Jason added.

“Okay,” Beth responded.

“Two then, Paul,” Jason ordered.

“Coming right up.”

Beth and Jason talked about summer vacations they used to take as kids when Paul returned with the drinks. They sipped them and Beth complimented Paul on how good they were.

“The secrets in a little cherry juice but don’t tell anyone,” he said winking and left.

“He’s nice,” Beth commented as Paul returned to the bar.

“Yeah, he’s great,” Jason agreed.

They talked and drank their drinks. When the first two were done they ordered two more. When those were gone, Jason ordered two more. Part way through the third, Beth was giggling about something Jason said and he was laughing too.

“Jason, I feel the alcohol in these. They’re potent,” Beth said and chuckled.

“Yeah, we better not have anymore,” Jason agreed.

“Aren’t you worried about driving back?” Beth queried.

“No, campus is just four blocks away and, besides, this is a hotel after all,” Jason let drop.

“What are you saying? We should get a room,” Beth squealed with laughter.

“We could,” Jason said, laughing too.

“Oh, you are a naughty boy,” Beth claimed laughing heartily.

“Just enthralled with your beauty,” Jason proclaimed chuckling too.

“I think you’re trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me,” Beth claimed with a smile.

“Is it working?” Jason confessed.

“Yes, I’m afraid it is,” Beth roared and they both cracked up.

As they finished the last drinks and Jason paid the bill, Beth was sitting contently at his side. They slid out of the table and made their way to the door. Jason was a little intoxicated but he felt he could drive if he had too. They could even walk to campus and pick up the car the next day if need be. He started walking Beth to the main entrance when she tugged on his arm.

“You shouldn’t drive like this, Jason. But you’ve already spent enough. It would be too expensive to get a room, right?” Beth claimed, she was a little drunker than him.

“I could afford it,” Jason said. “No big deal.”

He left out the part of having an expense account for exactly such dates.

“Well, if you don’t mind, why don’t we get a room then,” Beth offered with a smile.

“Fine,” Jason said happily, walking her to the main desk.

The transaction took less than a minute as Jason had already inquired about the room beforehand. In a few moments they were standing before the elevators.

“Wow, that was fast,” Beth exclaimed.

“Yeah, they’re quick here,” Jason declared mischievously.

They took the elevator to the third floor. The room was a few doors down and they entered to find a king sized bed.

“Shouldn’t you call Haden to let her know you won’t be back?” Jason asked.

“Good idea,” Beth agreed and pulled her cell from her purse.

She called Haden while Jason looked for a good channel on the TV. He found a show on one of the premium channels at the hotel called “Entourage”. He put that on as Beth concluded telling Haden she wouldn’t be back that night. They curled up together on the big bed and watched TV for a while.

“Would you like some champagne?” Jason asked.

“Jason, this is costing you a fortune,” Beth protested.

“It’s okay, I’ve got it covered,” Jason responded.

Jason placed the order over the house phone and they watched TV till it arrived. He tipped the room service guy and poured them both glasses. They sipped champagne and watched the rest of the show. They sat shoulder to shoulder against the headboard, sipping their champagne.

“Wow, you’re trying to get me drunk,” Beth commented as Jason poured them both refills.

“Not drunk,” Jason said joking. “Just carefree.”

“Oh, what does carefree get you?” Beth mused.

“This,” Jason said and kissed her.

Beth returned the kiss and even gently touched his cheek as they kissed more. Within short order they were tongue kissing and only broke to put their glasses down. When they resumed their hands were now free to get involved too. Jason’s hand held her side but high on her chest where he could feel the side of her breast touching the side of his hand. Beth’s hand was on the inside of his thigh, not far from where it would feel more than just leg if it crept any higher.

Beth was the first to make real contact. Her hand did steal higher and found the bulge of his semi-hard cock. She teased it through his pants fabric, getting him to moan into their kiss. Not to be left out or outdone, Jason cupped her breast and kneaded the pert mound through her bra. It didn’t take long for Beth to initiate things more by pulling his shirt off. He followed by pulling her dress up to her hips. They broke from kissing long enough to disrobe completely and pulled down the bed covers all the way.

Jason looked at Beth, finally seeing her completely naked in the light from the bed lamps, not the dim cast-off light of the airport floods. She looked more spectacular than he even imagined in real life. Her red curls hung halfway down her pale white back and over her shoulders in front, partially obscuring his view of her tits and their bright pink nipples. When she moved and her hair swayed, he got different glimpses of her that soon had his dick completely hard.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” Jason gasped.

“You too and I love this guy,” Beth said, encircling his rigid cock with her small pale hand.

“He loves you too,” Jason countered.

“He’ll love me better after this,” Beth said, pushing Jason to lean back against the headboard and crawling between his legs.

Beth glanced up into his eyes as her hand still stroked his steely hard cock. Her smile showed naughty thoughts as she looked at him and played with his genitals. Her blue eyes drifted back and forth from his cock to his face. The squeezing of her hand had forced a drop of pre-cum to ooze from the tip and collect on top.

She smiled at him one last time before bending to lick the pre-cum from his cockhead. She savored the slightly salty taste and continued to lick all around the head. Jason moaned and tried to reach for her cute tits but she was too far away to do it comfortably. He contented himself with watching her suck and play with his pulsing member.

“Oh, god, Beth. That feels so good,” Jason growled.

“Jason, I love sucking your cock,” Beth declared.

“Oh, babe, that feels wonderful,” Jason grunted as she took the head completely inside her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Beth hummed on his dick making him groan more.

“Beth, swing around over me,” Jason said.

Beth complied without taking her mouth from his cock. She swung her leg up and across his chest. Jason helped her settle in over the top of him and was treated to her pink sex right before his eyes. She had shaved around the labia as before and only had a small strip of red hair at the top, above her pussy. Her girlish cunt hid much of her inner charms until he reached up and parted her labia. The deep pink and wetness of her inner pussy made his cock surge in her mouth.

Jason kissed the top of her cunt and then licked around her inner labia. He teased her and avoided her clit or her vaginal entrance for the moment. Beth moaned around his cock in her mouth. She pushed deep, taking much of him into her mouth and the entrance to her throat. Her hands pulled his heavy balls up to try to meet her mouth on the way down. She couldn’t quite get him into her throat yet, despite a good effort.

After another minute of teasing her, Jason pressed his pointed tongue into the folds of her pussy and plunged as deep as he could into her opening. His efforts brought further moans from Beth which felt glorious to his cock trapped in her sucking mouth. Jason kept that up, wiggling his tongue inside her for a while, before attacking her clit. He used his fingers to better extract her hood from over her little nubbin. The cute pink little organ was too inviting to him and he licked it back and forth. Beth’s moaning grew louder as he did.

Beth was working Jason’s cock to perfection and he could feel the beginning quaking of his testicles as they stirred with anxious seed. He wouldn’t have minded cumming in her talented mouth but he had hopes of other plans. For his plan to work though, he had to get Beth off first before she did the same to him. Fortunately for him, sucking her clit into his mouth and pushing a finger into her cunt were two double actions that drove Beth wild with desire.

She tried hard to concentrate on sucking Jason’s cock but his attentions to her pussy were just too wonderful. He teased a second finger into the hymen protected opening of her cunt and sucked and licked continuously on her tender little button. Beth could feel her orgasm coming on like a blissful wave.

“Mmmm,” she moaned around his cock.

Jason allowed one of his fingers to move higher on her nice firm butt. Inches from his eyes was the cutest little crinkled pink rosebud he had ever seen. His finger teased around it, feeling its tiny bumpy surface, as his mouth and tongue continued their assault to her clit.

“Oh, god,” Beth howled as she had to pull off his cock.

No one had ever touched her there before and it felt like an electrical shock to her sensitive nerves. Her orgasm came on like a bolt of lightning. Jason kept up his attentions to her two virgin openings and her hyper-sensitive little pea. It was more than Beth could take and she grunted loudly to avoid screaming in the hotel room.

Realizing he had hit something sensitive on her, Jason pressed the tip of one of his cunt slick fingers into the tight opening of her ass. The reaction from Beth was immediate and what he hoped for.

“Ungh,” Beth gasped as her climax peaked.

Jason continued his complete attentions to her various holes and sucked on her hard little knob. Beth shook and groaned above him. Her legs closed tightly around his head, making it more difficult for him to move or breathe. He persisted though, and worked her through a wonderful orgasm.

‘Oh, fuck,’ Beth thought, as her body quaked with the pulses of pleasure from her cunt and the strange sensations of his finger at the entrance to her rectum. ‘So good … so good,’ she moaned to herself.

Jason kept at her until her orgasm waned and she couldn’t take any more. She rolled off him to the side, panting for air. Her clit felt like it was humming or vibrating from his constant sucking. She could still feel the weird sensations at her rear door and her nipples, left untouched, were dying to be pulled. She put both hands on her tender firm mounds and squeezed her super-charged nipples. The action sent further delicious licks of pleasure back to her cunt and brain.

Jason sat up and gladly watched the gasping beauty. He thought she was perfect in every way. He loved her red hair, her pale skin with touches of freckles here and there, and firm B-cup breasts and the adorable pink nipples, now more red with Beth’s attentions. He, too, breathed heavily, but watched her finally relax and open her eyes. He smiled at her as a weak smile came to her too.

“You drive me nuts,” Beth claimed.

“I could say the same of you,” Jason replied with a big smile. “Did you get off good?”

“Oh, my god! One of the best ever,” Beth exclaimed. “What was that action to my butt?”

“Oh, just something I thought I’d try. Did you like it?”

“It felt strange to have you touch me there but not all that bad either,” Beth admitted.

Jason climbed up onto his knees and arms and moved over top of Beth. He kissed her between the breasts and worked his way north to her neck and lips. She returned his kisses and held his sides but she could feel his dick poking around between her parted legs. All of a sudden she remembered he hadn’t gotten off yet and where his cock was made her wonder of his intentions. ‘What does he think he’s doing?’ Beth questioned herself.

“Jason, let me finish you. You haven’t cum yet,” Beth declared.

“Let’s kiss like this a little longer first,” Jason offered.

Beth could feel his probing cock every once in a while poking against her pussy. One side of her still aroused body wanted to feel him touch her there. The other threw up alarms as to where further touching might lead. She fought her own emotions as they kissed and Jason settled down further over her. In so doing, his cock pressed right into the moist center of her engorged and flared pussy. The lust she felt started to win out but only briefly.

Steeling herself, Beth said, “What’re you doing?”

“What do you mean?” Jason replied innocently.

“You’re touching me down there with your dick,” Beth stated.

“How’s it feel?” Jason asked but then smiled.

“Way too good,” Beth admitted.

“Shall I stop?” Jason asked.

“What are you intending? Is this what you meant by carefree?” Beth queried nervously.

“Maybe,” Jason allowed.

“Jason, but you know I’ve never done … “

“I know.”

“I’m not sure I’m ready,” Beth groaned.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Jason pledged. “But, is it you’re just nervous?”

“A little,” Beth admitted.

“I’ll be gentle,” Jason informed.

“I know … but it’s just that I’m not sure … sure I …”

“Love me?” Jason filled in.

“I’m just not sure … sure what’s changed from before,” Beth added.

“With your last boyfriend?” Jason asked.

“Are you even my boyfriend?” Beth asked.

“I like you a lot, Beth. Very much,” Jason offered.

“I like you too,” Beth said. “But … you’re not in love with me?”

“Is that what it’s going to take? You need to be in love first?” Jason asked.