The List Ch. 02
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The following afternoon after school was like a lot of my afternoons through the rest of our senior year: Mindy and I went straight to her parent’s house where nobody was home and she’d suck my cock. For the rest of the year, even when she had boyfriends, I stuck it down her throat several times a week.

We were still “just friends”, but a new understanding of what our relationship was quickly developed. We still acted the same way when other people around, but in private she was my slut.

What I’m thinking about today is the first time she sucked my cock. It was still about a week before homecoming and the day after my first handjob.

I knew that I was going to get some head that afternoon. The reason I knew is that she slipped me a note in math class. I still have the note. It read “Please let me suck your cock after school?” The dynamic of it amazed me at the time. I felt like I should be the one saying “please” to her, but she really wanted to do it, and she must have wanted me to know how bad she wanted it.

I wish I could say that I sent her back a sexy note, but at the time I didn’t know how to respond and gave her kind of a weak affirmative nod.

Naturally, for the rest of the day that’s all I could think about. I was still a geek to everybody else in school, but I was suddenly a king to this girl.

We went to her parent’s house after school. Mindy’s mom wouldn’t be home for about two hours and her dad had a job that kept him on the road for days at a time.

I did my best to act cool, but she could probably tell that I was sort of nervous. She was the exact opposite, like a kid in a candy store.

That day Mindy was wearing her trademark knee-length skirt and a brown sweater. She had her hair pulled back into pigtails with matching brown bows. I didn’t remember her ever wearing pigtails before, and I liked it.

I really didn’t say much as we walked into her house, then into her dining room. She snuck a little whiskey out of her parent’s alcohol. They never noticed if we just took a little here and there.

I sat down at the dining room table and started nursing my drink while Mindy stood behind me for a minute, massaging my shoulders. Soon, she crawled under the table and started unzipping my fly.

Up to this point, neither of us had said very much except a little small talk. She spoke up now, giddy and giggling. “Here’s what’s weird about growing up. I’ve had dinner at this table every day since I was a little girl. Now I’m eighteen and I’m going to suck a dick at it.”

I couldn’t see Mindy very well under the table unless I leaned back. I did so to watch her pull my trophy out of my pants. She let out a little gasp like she was seeing it again for the first time.

“I still can’t believe how big it is! Have you ever measured it?” She started stroking my warm meat in both of her hands.

“I’m not sure how big it is exactly,” I lied. It’s almost exactly a foot long, and I knew it.

“Well, it’s bigger than my head,” she said, and demonstrated by laying it across her face.

She licked up and down the shaft some, and around the head. Then she added, “I love your huge balls, too. I bet they’re full of more cum than most guys could shoot in a week.”

Mindy started sucking on one of my balls, and struggled to get it in her mouth. Remember, it was the first time I’d experienced that and it felt amazing. She stopped to breathe for a second and added to her thought. “Most guys balls are easy to put in your mouth, like a grape. Yours are like oranges!”

Finally getting a little confidence I said, “And they’re going to cover you in cum.”

I reached down and started playing with her tiny breasts. I didn’t have very good access with the way she was positioned under the table. She took my hint and pulled off her sweater to reveal a pink bra. Mindy was extremely skinny and had correspondingly small breasts, but they were perfect for her frame.

Her lips were still down around my balls, sucking on the source of my seed, while her hands were busy unfastening her bra. My dick, unguided, was casually slapping across her face. The bra came off and I’d finally seen breasts for the first time.

She moved her lips up to my cockhead and started licking around. She said in a teasing, pouty voice, “I want to suck on your dick so bad. Do you want me to?”

Making an effort to sound tough and cool I forcefully replied, “Just suck it!”

She loved my answer, opened her jaw as wide as possible, and wrapped her pretty lips around my head. It was so warm. I’ll never forget the first time I felt that sensation. It was almost like putting it in an oven.

The head of my dick was in her mouth, both of her hands were on my shaft—and there was still plenty of room to spare.

She started working more than just the head into her mouth and she looked up at me. There’s something special about seeing a girl’s bright, big eyes while she’s blowing you. I’ve described Mindy before as a girl who was pretty, but rather plain. She looked beautiful at that moment, though.

As she worked about half of my shaft in her mouth and started to create a rhythm she started moaning. I was excited to realize how much she loved having a cock brush against the back of her throat.

She pulled her head back and my penis popped out of her mouth. Momentum caused my dick to swing back and slap her in the face pretty hard, which kind of made her laugh. She’d stopped because she wanted to tell me something.

“I put my hair in pigtails for you today. Do you know what that means?”

I shook my head.

“The girls call them ‘blowjob handles’. A lot of the girls at school wear pigtails to show they suck dick. I wore them around school all day and fantasized about being on my knees in front of you. Grab my hair and pull my head wherever you want—you’re in control.”

With that she put my unit back in her mouth. I grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and started guiding her rhythm, and that just got her more into it. She was moaning loudly. Mindy was still only able to take a little over of half of my shaft in her mouth.

I noticed that one of her hand slipped under her skirt.

She sucked for a few minutes as we built a rhythm, then pulled it back out of her mouth.

“So are you ready to fuck me?” As soon as she said the words she started bobbing her head again.

“Soon,” I answered, “but not right now. I made my list of ten girls I’m going to fuck, but you’re number two. I’m going to do it in order so you have to wait.”

Mindy kept sucking, but gave me an inquisitive look.

“Number one is Amy. You know, the head cheerleader?”

Mindy stopped just long enough to say, “But she’s a bitch!”

“So what? I still want to fuck her. So if you really want me to fill you up with my monster you have to help me. Until you help get me some pussy, you’re only allowed to suck on it.”

With that I grabbed her ponytails and started fucking her throat hard. Another inch or two of my shaft was going down the throat of my little schoolgirl friend because I was shoving it down.

Mindy banged herself hard with her hand while I humped her mouth, and I could tell she was coming. I was getting close myself. I wanted to try to say something cool like I’d heard guys do in pornos.

“Get ready for a throat full of cum, bitch.”

With the strong grip that I already had on her little head, I forced my big dick all the way in her mouth for the first time and started coming hard. I felt like I came down her throat for an hour, then I pulled out and shot a couple more bursts on her face and tits.

She was still fingering herself while I dowsed her and she yelled, “Come on me! Come on me! I want it all over me!”

Mindy laid on her back and spread her legs while I shot the last of my load towards her pussy. It was quite a site, this girl spread eagle and skirt hiked up under her parent’s kitchen table, covered in sperm and banging herself.

“Please fuck me! I want your big cock so bad!” she started to beg as she continued to orgasm.

I wanted to badly, but I’d already made up my mind. I started rubbing my dick on her cum-covered face. “You have to help me get Amy first. You know I’ve always wanted to fuck her. Until I get this dick inside of her, it doesn’t go inside of you.”

Her orgasm started to subside, and her screams of passion calmed to a low purr. She slid her fingers out of her pussy. With a sigh she said, “Okay, it can’t be that hard.”

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

“Remember how quick everyone heard about it when you asked Amy to homecoming and she laughed at you?”


“Well, I think it’s time some new gossip makes it around school. Something that might peak her interest.”

“Like what?”

She grabbed my cock to emphasize her point. “By this time tomorrow, every girl in school is going to know that you’re hung like a horse.”