The Babysitter
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Marie heard the door to the garage open and close and low heated voices. Same old thing. She rolled her eyes. It was too bad. They never seemed to come home happy from a night out. Well, they never left for it happy either. Marie turned off the TV and gathered up her stuff before walking out to the kitchen to meet them.

As she stepped into the kitchen, the bickering stopped like a light switch had been flipped. They both turned to face her with a smile on their faces. Nicole was a tall willowy sophisticated blond. The term high maintenance popped into Marie’s head. Jack was more of the intellectual type, with dark hair and a goatee. Marie was sure she remembered him wearing glasses a few years back. She suspected he’d gotten his eyes corrected with the laser surgery. Marie thought he looked cute either way.

“Hi Marie,” Nicole said. “We’re so glad you could baby-sit tonight. The kids just adore you and we feel so safe leaving them with you. Did everything go okay?”

“Yep, everything went just fine. Nick and Sage are all tucked up in bed.” Though an hour later than instructed and only after a pillow fight. “I’m just glad I happened to be home from college for the weekend.” Desperate for money too, to pay next semester’s tuition. Marie hadn’t been able to find a regular job yet.

“Let’s get you home,” Jack said with a smile as he handed her some folded up bills for the night.

Marie slipped them into her purse and followed him out the door into the garage to the brand new burgundy BMW. Jack did very well with the franchises he owned.

Nicole poked her head out the door after them. “Don’t feel like you have to hurry home dear,” she said with a hint of frost in her voice. “I mean, I wouldn’t want you to hit a deer or anything.”

Jack turned back to his wife, then glanced over at Marie and just smiled and waved to Nicole. Marie suppressed a smile. She suspected he wanted to do something else. They got into the car and Jack started it up. Jack and Nicole lived way out in the country so he usually picked Marie up and dropped her off again.

“So, how’s school going?” he asked as he backed the car out of the garage and got it turned around. “You just started your second year right?”

“Yep, school’s good. Just wish I could find a steady job. Call me anytime to baby-sit. I mean that seriously. I really need the money to pay my tuition for the spring semester.”

“Financial aid not cutting it?” Jack glanced over at her.

“No, my parents make too much but they think I should pay for college on my own.”

Jack was quiet for a minute. He opened his mouth to offer her the money. She was a great girl who had always made him feel safe leaving his kids in her care and he certainly had the money to burn. Something made him close his mouth. He looked over at Marie and she felt his gaze slide over her body.

“Getting a little desperate?” he asked softly.

“A little,” she admitted.

Jack pulled the car over on to the side of the road and turned to look at Marie.

“What if I could offer you a way to make a lot of money in just one night?” His eyes held hers steadily.

“How?” Marie asked. She definitely needed the money but his intense manner was making her a little nervous.

Jack smiled reassuringly as Marie started to fidget a little. “Let’s find somewhere better to pull over and discuss it.” Jack put the car in gear and pulled back out on the road then turned down the next road on the right. It was an old dirt road that was marked seasonal. There was nothing on it but cornfields and woods. Jack pulled into a field opening and stopped the car. He put the windows down and then shut the car off. It was a warm summer night and the crickets were chirping steadily. A bullfrog croaked in the distance.

Jack unbuckled his seatbelt, pulled out his wallet and turned to Marie.

“Marie, I’m going to be very blunt. I’ve been married for ten years and the sex stopped two years ago, after Sage was born. I had a vasectomy then at Nicole’s insistence and she still hasn’t been interested in sex at all. I’m a little frustrated. I would be willing to pay you ten dollars for every request I make tonight that you agree to. We could take it a step at a time and you could say stop at any point.”

Jack opened his wallet and took out a hundred dollar bill and laid it on the seat between them. “We can stop at the ATM on your way home if we need more money. As a sign of good faith, you can take that if you agree, without any requirements.”

Marie stared at the money. The last time she’d seen a hundred dollar bill was at her graduation party, a gift from an aunt and uncle. That was a good start already to paying her tuition at the community college for next semester. But, she was still a virgin. Did she really want to lose her virginity this way? To a married guy in his car? Admittedly, one she found incredibly hot and had thought about while masturbating several times.

“I… I’m still a virgin.” Marie looked up at Jack, biting her lip.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, Marie, but I would be very gentle with you. I promise your first time would be good with me.”

Marie thought for a minute. She didn’t want to be a virgin forever. She reached out and took the hundred dollar bill, folded it and placed it in her purse. Jack exhaled and she looked back up at him as she undid her seatbelt and turned to face him.

Jack smiled and let his eyes rove over Marie’s body. She had such delicious curves. He hoped he’d get a chance to squeeze them and more.

“Would you, please, take off your t-shirt and toss it in the back seat?”

Marie reached down and pulled the bottom of her pink t-shirt up over her breasts and off over her head. She reached out and dropped in the back seat. She felt Jack’s eyes taking in her silky pink push-up bra. It supported the girls nicely.

Jack just sat there for a minute. There was some light from the moon but not enough to really show him everything he wanted to see. He reached up and turned her map light on. That was much better. The light whitened her already pale flesh. His eyes went up to the dark hair she had pulled back in a ponytail.

“Please take your hair down?”

Marie reached up and pulled the elastic band out of her hair, dropping it in her purse. She ran her fingers through her hair and pulled it around to drape over one shoulder, letting it fall down over her left breast.

“May I kiss you?”

Marie moved forward in her seat until she reached the edge of the bucket seat. Jack did the same and they leaned in toward each other. He pressed his lips gently to hers then brought one hand up to slide into her hair as he pushed his tongue in to explore her soft, warm mouth. Marie let her eyes drift shut as she enjoyed the warm, sensual stroking of his tongue in her mouth. It felt sooooo good. No boy had ever kissed her like that.

Jack pulled back, letting go of Marie and shifted back in his seat so Marie did too.

Jack put one hand on the front of his pants and began massaging gently.

“Would you please take your bra off and drop it in the backseat as well?”

Marie reached back and unhooked her bra, peeling it forward off her breasts. She shivered as her nipples felt the warm breeze drift over them through the open window. She dropped the bra in the backseat. The tail end of her hair tickled her left nipple.

Jack sat massaging his cock through the fabric for a minute. What did he want to happen tonight and what was the best way to get her there? He decided his ultimate goal would be to have her lying on the blanket from the backseat out in the meadow while he fucked her. The best way to get her there would probably be to leave everything in her control. She might get nervous otherwise.

“May I open my pants and take out my cock?”

Still drunk on the kiss, Marie simply nodded then watched breathlessly as Jack unzipped his pants and pushed them down a little. He reached in and pulled out his cock, now thick and hard. He was a good six or seven inches and quite thick.

“May I touch myself?”

Again, Marie just nodded as she watched. Jack started stroking his hand up and down his shaft.

“Oh Marie,” he moaned. Marie felt hot to hear her name moaned. “That feels so good, Marie. May I please touch my balls?”

Marie licked her lips and nodded. Jack groaned.

“Please Marie, lick your lips again.”

Jack groaned again as Marie slid her moist tongue out and licked over her bottom lip and then her top. She did it again. She liked how he looked, sitting there so aroused.

“Marie, please, would you kiss my cock? Just a little kiss on the tip?”

Marie shifted forward again and leaned over to reach him as Jack came forward. She leaned down and pressed her wet lips to the head of his cock. She couldn’t resist the urge to flick her tongue out and lick the top. She heard Jack groan and looked up, licking the salty precum off her lips.

Jack wanted desperately to grab her head and thrust his cock into her mouth but he restrained himself.

“Please, touch my cock. Wrap your hand around it and touch me.”

Marie reached out with both hands and caressed Jack’s cock. Jack moaned at the feel of her soft hands on his throbbing hard pole. He wasn’t going to last much longer like this. It had been too long, but he was sure he wouldn’t have any trouble getting it up more than once. She slid her hands up and down the way he had and as rudimentary as it was, it felt like heaven to Jack. He’d had no one else touch him in two years.

“Oh God! Marie! Please… please, would you suck on my cock?”

Marie hesitated at that but only for a second. She was so turned on by what she saw before her. Watching him, so aroused by looking at her, by her touch. She wanted to do more… to touch him more.

Marie slid her mouth over the head of his cock and began to suck lightly, tasting his salt. She took him as far into her mouth as she could, sucking and bobbing her head.

“Please Marie, let me come in your mouth. Suck me dry and swallow it.”

Jack knew he was about to come and he didn’t think he could bear it if she pulled back but she didn’t. She kept stroking the base of his cock and sucking on as much of it as she could. Jack slid his hands into her hair and stroked it his hands through the silky weight of it as he felt his balls tighten. He exploded into her mouth and she didn’t stop sucking as she swallowed.

Jack pulsed and shot more come into Marie’s mouth. She sucked until he stopped and pulled her off. He leaned forward and kissed her hard.

“Thank you, that was so incredible Marie. It felt so good. I want to make you feel that good. Let’s get out of the car? I’ve got a blanket we can lie down on in the meadow?”

Feeling even more shy over what she’d just done, Marie nodded again and Jack kissed her. He fumbled behind himself with the car handle and opened the door. He turned to get out then pulled her over the seat with him. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her again. Reaching a hand up, he cupped her soft breast and caressed it.

He let her go for a moment to get the blanket out of the back seat then took her by the hand to lead her into the meadow. He snapped the blanket out and laid it down then looked back up at Marie. The moon illuminated her topless state and Jack felt a burning desire to see her completely naked.

“Marie, may I please take off the rest of your clothes?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

Jack moved to her swiftly and knelt at her feet, unbuckling her sandals and slipping them off one at a time. Then he reached up and unbuttoned and unzipped her denim skirt, sliding it down. Marie put a hand on Jack’s shoulder to steady herself as she lifted one foot and then the other to step out of it.

Jack stopped to drink in the sight of her in nothing but a pair of pink satin bikini panties. He hooked his fingers on either side at her waist and pulled slowly down, revealing her dark bush. He pulled them all the way to her ankles and helped her step out of them.

“May I smell your pussy?”

“Yes,” Marie replied.

Jack put one hand on either wide of her rounded hips and buried his face in her soft bush, inhaling deeply. The smell of her was intoxicating. He pressed a kiss to her soft pubic hair.

Jack pulled back and stood.

“May I take off my clothes?” He hadn’t actually taken a single stitch off yet but that was quickly remedied when Marie gave her assent.

Soon, they were standing naked in front of each other in the warm summer air under a nearly full moon. Jack held out his hand.

“Will you lie down on the blanket with me?”

Marie simply put her hand in Jack’s and allowed him to draw her over to the blanket. He sat and pulled her down into his arms, lying across his lap.

“May I make love to you Marie?”

“Yes, please.”

Jack pressed his lips softly to her hair and then her mouth. He slipped his tongue into her mouth again and this time Marie met his ardent tongue with her own, sliding and tasting together. Jack’s right hand cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing over and over her nipple. Marie shuddered.

Jack’s left arm held her steady around her shoulders as his right explored lower, smoothing over her abdomen and around her hip then finding the v of curls between her legs. He dipped his fingers in and found her very moist. His hand urged her thighs apart. Using just his middle finger, Jack slid up her nether lips then slid the full length of his finger down again.

Marie sighed at his touch, so gentle and delicious. She felt him part the lips of her cunt with one finger and dip further in, soaking his probing digit. He pulled it back out and circled her clit with it.

Jack pressed his lips to hers again and then gently eased her off his lap onto the blanket. He turned to lie next to her on one side then cupped her breast and leaned over to suck the nipple into his mouth. He altenated sucking hard and licking. He licked and sucked his way down the underside of her breast then over her abdomen, stopping to flick his tongue over her belly button. He kissed her gently rounded tummy and worked lower to the spot between her legs.

Her legs spread wide, Jack took in the pink lips of her pussy and leaned down to French kiss her slit. Thrusting his tongue in, he gently licked the juices up and bathed her with his hot mouth. He sucked and licked and drew designs on her sex with the tip of his tongue then as he heard her panting, he sucked her clit into his mouth and played with it, sucking and teasing with his tongue. She tensed and Jack heard her release. He pulled back and knelt between her legs.

Looking down at her half closed eyes, Jack smiled and she smiled in return. He reached down and took her hips in both of his hands to pull her up a little, guiding himself into position. He pushed in just an inch.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“Full, but good.” She was nervous but she wanted this. She wanted him to take her.

Jack pushed slowly in, stopping often to give her time to adjust. The slick tight fit of her cunt around his erection was maddening but he held still, breathing hard. He wanted her to enjoy this too. Finally, he felt the barrier.

“I’m going to have to push through honey, but it’ll only take a second.”

Marie nodded, nervous but ready. Jack thrust in with one stroke and Marie cried out as she felt a sharp pinch, as if someone had grabbed her with needle nosed pliers. Her mind reeled but as Jack held still it abated.

Slowly, Jack rubbed his hands over her thighs until he saw the pain clear from her face. “Better?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Jack started to slowly stroke into her again, taking it easy and watching her face for discomfort. He reached down and massaged her clit as he worked in and out of her.

Marie cupped her breasts and started to rub and pinch her nipples lightly, breathing deeply as Jack stroked her body with his. She felt like every nerve ending was on fire. Moisture slicked her body and was whisked away by the breeze. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to the feel of Jack’s hand on her clit, his cock filling and stroking her, her own hands teasing her sensitive nipples and the air caressing her everywhere.

Jack watched her as he thrust into her tight cunt as it gripped and pulled at his erection. She looked so incredible, innocent yet wanton. Her long dark hair spread out on the cream colored blanket. He leaned forward and brought himself down on top of her, kissing her harshly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He gathered her against him then rolled over until he lie on his back with Marie straddling him, still buried deep in her cunt.

“Ride me,” he urged. His hands cupped her hips, showing her the rhythm as she began to move over him. Her hair flowed down and over his chest. Jack reached up and took over stroking and teasing her breasts.

Marie braced herself against Jack and rocked her hips against him. She felt powerful as she watched the lust on his face. It felt so good to know she could do that to him. That he would want her. Marie rode him more urgently. She wanted to make him come again, to lose control. She watched as he moaned.

He grabbed her hips again and began thrusting up into Marie. He felt like he was exploding as he shot his cum into her. Marie cried out as her own orgasm took over.

They slowed to a stop and Jack pulled her down to kiss him and wrapped his arms around her.

“Thank you, Marie. That felt so good. I can’t even begin to tell you.”

Marie smiled as she snuggled against Jack’s chest. She hoped this wouldn’t be the last time.